Why Endtest?

What is Automated Testing?

Automated Testing is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests, and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.

Ways to do it:

There are two main options for a company that wants to use Automated Testing:

1. An in-house solution: even though it may seem free, it’s actually costly to develop and maintain.

For example, Selenium.

The open source and zero license cost nature of Selenium is attractive when compared to the license or subscription costs of commercial automation solutions.

But there is more to it than just that when you look at the cost of implementing an automation solution.

Selenium is open source and free, however building and using an automation solution on this ‘free’ software comes with some real costs:

- The open source tools/libraries provide a starting point but you still have to write code for test creation, management, execution, handling errors and reporting. Note that this is over and above the test logic that you want to automate.

- If you are looking to test integrations with back-end systems and external systems via API, you have to build in support for that into your framework.

- If you are looking to implement a continuous testing solution, you must add to the above effort, the effort of building integration with DevOps or CI/CD tools.

- Also to be considered are the costs of building and managing an infrastructure to run these tests.

These costs are likely to go up as you scale your infrastructure in order to support increased test volumes or to increase the pace of testing.

Now compare this against the cost (and time spent) of procuring Endtest, which has an yearly subscription. This leads us to the following option.

2. A dedicated solution – development, maintenance, infrastructure and stability are off your hands with Endtest.

Why choose Endtest?

- It allows you to easily create and manage complex Automated Tests by using a friendly UI, without having to constantly work on the tedious maintenance.

- No setup, no installation needed.

- Everything is done in the cloud.

- It is completely codeless.

- Permanent premium support.

- Self-healing tests, powered by Machine Learning: the platform learns more and more about your application and automatically maintains your tests.

- Gives your team a break.

- Better visibility into app performance.

- Reusable tests for code that gets frequent updates.


Endtest provides significant value, more specifically in the following two ways.

Main business aspects:

1. Improves software quality

2. Avoids operational problems

3. Maintains a good customer image

4. Avoids legal problems

5. Decreases cost of fixing bugs by 5x

Main technical aspects:

1. Simplifies routine tasks

2. Runs more tests without increasing costs in the same amount of time

3. Increases scope of coverage.

4. Finds the hard-to-detect defects earlier, when they are easier to fix.