Mobile Tests

Codeless Automated Mobile Tests

With Endtest, you can create and manage Automated Tests for Mobile Applications, without having to write any code.

We support Android and iOS applications, both native and hybrid

Everything is done in the cloud.

Real Mobile Devices

Execute your tests on real mobile devices.

Connect to external grids, such as BrowserStack, Sauce Labs or AWS Device Farm.

Get Live Video and detailed logs from the test executions.

Awesome Features

Endtest is packed with useful features::

- Take Screenshots

- Unlimited Video Recordings

- Generate Random Test Data

- Variables

- Upload Files

- Advanced Assertions

- Multi Touch Actions

- Endtest API

- Screenshot Comparison

- Collaborators

- Scheduler

- Self-Healing Tests

- Notifications

- IF Statements

- Loops

- Live Video

- Advanced Settings

- Drive

- Automatic Backups